Vulture 2 Linear Emergency LED Dash/Deck Light

Vulture 2 Linear Emergency LED Dash/Deck Light

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Welcome to the high performance Linear LED Vulture Dash light designed with an outstanding the latest up to date microprocessor circuit that enables low power consumption. Using the newest Linear LED technology it illuminates an intense ray of light, which can be seen in any direction even in clear daylight. The Dash light is very easy to install and comes with a suction cup. There is no need to drill unnecessary holes into your vehicle to install this Dash light. The Falcon Furry Dash light features a flash pattern indicator with 12 Generation 4 3W LEDs. There are Linear LED's which are long life and totally maintenance free.  The exterior frame is made of Double-layer aluminum. Electrical Specification: 24 Volt / 9 amps at peak. The dimensions are length 8 inches x width 2.25 inches x height 1.75 inches (including mounting).

Powered by 12VGeneration 4 3W Linear LED

Sleek, durable casing17 available flash patterns

Non-volatile memory recalls last flash patternLifespan of up to 100,000 hours

Anti-glare coating on outer lensFlash pattern changer is located on unit

Includes cigarette plug with On/Off switch

Includes choice of suction cup or L-bracketsIncludes removable windshield reflector

Includes 10 feet of cable3 year manufactures defect warranty

Size: 10in L x3in W x 1.5in H

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